separation and conflict counseling

When being in the middle of a conflict or crisis it is difficult to clearly see the whole situation and to know the next steps. Instead there is irritation and confusion. This is especially the case when dealing with a separation or divorce. In such times you may need somebody who provides reliable support.


How I support you in conflict an crisis: 

  • finding clarity in chaotic and unresolved situations;
  • finding orientation and working out your next steps;

How I support you in situations of separation/divorce:

  • finding out together if there might be an alternative to separation/divorce in cases of ambiguity;
  • having a closer look on what to deal with after a separation. This includes legal, financial, social and emotional aspects;
  • thinking about your children: how to deal with either a separation from the children or with having them alone? 
  • unwinding  from your partner in a healthy way and separating in dignity and clarity.


Whom I support:

You are welcome alone as well as with your partner.