mission statement

  • My aim is to provide a competent and comprehensive consultancy and counselling service that involves legal, psychological, economic and social aspects.
  • When dealing with disputes:
    • I focus on the needs of the parties involved and - wherever possible - seek ways to prevent disputes from arising.
    • If a dispute cannot be prevented, the goal of consultation is to stop the dispute from escalating by dealing with it in a targeted way.
    • If it is not possible to either prevent or deal with a certain dispute, the legal options will be outlined.
  • Whether dealing with clients or counterparties, my aim is to always be clear and to appreciate the diversity of people and their opinions.
  • The most vulnerable members in the system are always at the foremost of my consultations.
  • The invitation to my clients is to always feel free to express their emotions during consultations.
  • My services are for those individuals who find me through self-referral, or who have been referred following a recommendation/request/instruction by the court/authorities.
  • I am well-connected and integrate many disciplines. If appropriate, I will refer you to specialist colleagues, institutes and experts, or I might suggest an appropriate work partnership.